No More.

I’ve had Wwoofers/Workaway people here for the last 4 years. They’ve been for the most part a great help/addition to the place. They live here, eat here, work here and in return are free to explore (under their own steam) in the afternoon and at weekends.

My own eggs and kale

I cook great food. Most of it is reared or grown here. The rest is local, seasonal and mostly organic. I make my own bread, cakes, pastries. I use really top quality ingredients. There is no convenience/highly processed food ever used. Not even frozen chips!

Up to this I’ve bent over backwards to accommodate vegetarians. I drew the line at vegans. I even drew the line against my temporarily vegan daughter. But now I’ve decided no more. No more catering for dietary requirements. No more double cooking. It’s a waste of fuel and time apart from anything else. No more catering for those with allergies. This might sound harsh but I’m totally fed up with those that tell me they’re allergic to ‘x or y’ but then happily eat ‘x or y’ when concealed in processed foods.

Home reared lamb chops, home grown kale, psb and potato cubes with rosemary and garlic

I’ve changed my profile on Workaway to state this. I know most applicants will totally disregard it but at least I’ve covered my ass in this regard.

And now I’m prepared to start another new season here and welcome a Finn having had a German vegetarian for the last 3 weeks.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “No More.

  1. Margaret! It is so good to see you with an update. I was afraid you wouldn’t post, anymore. I love reading about your exploits. You wouldn’t have to worry about me not eating meat. I’ve seen your pix. I would devour anything you put in front of me.

    Changing the subject, I have been following an Irish guy on BitChute/Telegram. Have you encountered any Ukrainian refugees in your area?


      1. Awesome! Love your posts.

        Have you ever heard of Dave Cullen? Just curious. That was who I was referring to. Hopefully, there won’t be any trouble.


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